Marble, Travertine and Granite Cleaning and Polishing for San Diego

Natural Stone Cleaning and Restoration Experts

Holts Marble, Travertine, Granite Restoration and Polishing Services. Our technicians are highly skilled at restoring your stone to its original beauty. We service commercial, residential clients in the greater San Diego area including Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Bernardo and many locations anywhere in between.

We are experts in the polishing, cleaning, restoration, repair and refinishing of marble, travertine, granite, limestone, and terrazzo. With our many years of experience, you can be confident that we will not damage your stone as it is being restored or polish.

Polishing for Marble, Travertine, Granite and All Natural Stone

We are natural stone cleaning specialist and provide you with several options for polishing your marble, travertine or other natural stone. We remove all of the dirt, grime, stains, scratches and oils from your stone that over the years build up and makes your floors or counter tops look dull and lifeless. With our honing and polishing process we can give your travertine and marble the best finish that our client desires.

Marble, Granite and Travertine Cleaning

We also clean Marble, granite and travertine for the entire San Diego area. Our cleaning process involves stripping out all of the unsightly grime and dirt that makes your natural stone dull. First, the stone is cleaned with s special agents designed specifically for natural stone. Each type of stone may have special requirements to get the best results. We are experienced at extracting particulate matter for marble, granite and travertine. So don’t worry, we will safely handle your restoration process without damaging your stone.

Sealing Your Natural Stone

Naturally after the travertine, marble or granite is cleaned and polish, we will seal the stone to help it keep its luster and to protect it from oils and grime. This is very important, since many stones are porous and liquids and oils can penetrate deep in to the stone and stain it. Travertine for example is very susceptible to this kind of problem. Even marble and granite can be to a lesser degree. Therefore, we always recommend sealing your stone for the best results.

Commercial and Residential Stone Cleaning and Polishing

Holts Stone Cleaning and Polishing can restore, repair and polish marble, travertine and granite stone surfaces of lobbies, foyers, floors, and counter-tops, table-tops in both residential and commercial environments. When doing work for commercial clients doing stone cleaning and polishing, we work around your schedule reduce any impact on your business. We are open to do marble, travertine or granite polishing and cleaning.

Natural Stone Cleaning Guarantee

We provide a rock-solid guarantee for all the work we perform. Please give us a call to learn more about our stone cleaning and polishing service and our guarantee.

Cleaning and Polishing Processes

Our natural stone cleaning process includes the restoration, repair and polishing of the following stones: marble, travertine, granite, limestone, and terrazzo.