Questions to Ask Your Oceanside CA Carpet Cleaner

Aug 22, 2014 | Category: Carpet-Cleaning-Oceanside | by: Joshua Holt

Questions to ask your Oceanside CA Carpet Cleaner

Here are 3 questions you should ask your Oceanside CA Carpet Cleaning company before hiring them.

1)      What do your past clients say about their carpet cleaning service for other Oceanside CA residents? 

This is an important question because the satisfaction of past clients can have direct impact on what you can expect from the carpet cleaner you hire.  So how can you find out what other Oceanside residents are saying about this carpet cleaning customers?  Does the company highlight their reviews?  Many of the best companies do this because they are proud of their past record of their carpet cleaning service.   So companies with good reputations will have links to their reviews prominently posted on their website.  Also, many quality Oceanside rug cleaning companies will highlight testimonials from other Oceanside CA residents. Again, a prominent link should be displayed.

2)      What Guarantee Does Your Carpet Cleaning Company Offer?

If the carpet cleaning company you’re considering in Oceanside does not have a guarantee in writing, be careful.  Here’s why, cleaning companies can promise the world, professional upstanding carpet cleaning companies deliver it.  A written guarantee is vital because it spells out exactly what that Oceanside carpet cleaner will do and what recourse you will have if they do not perform.  A quality cleaning service who knows what they are doing is not afraid to have a written guarantee.  By the way, here is another advantage of hiring a local Oceanside Carpet Cleaner, because they are local, they can more readily respond should any issues arise after they leave.   So buyer beware, GET A WRITTEN GUARANTEE.

3)      What makes your carpet cleaning company different than any other Oceanside carpet cleaning company?

Perhaps the best question of all to ask.  Here are many type of carpet cleaning companies in Oceanside, some with high standards, some with not so high standards.  There are franchises when cleaning can be robotic and customers are only numbers.  Companies who really see the value of serving their neighbors and looking to do a good job cleaning carpets are even harder to find.  Typically, local family owned businesses may give you the highest odds to finding a quality carpet cleaning service in Oceanside. Naturally, the longer a family owned business has been around testifies to the quality of the carpet cleaning and customer service.

Best Carpet Cleaner in Oceanside CA

At Holts Carpet Care, we are a family owned Oceanside carpet cleaning business serving our neighbors since 1991, almost 25 years.  We conspicuously display our Oceanside reviews and testimonials so you know they type of rug cleaning service we offer.  And of course we offer a written guarantee so you can use us with confidence. Please give us a call at (760) 754-2553 and ask us more question about why we are the best Carpet Cleaning Oceanside CA service around.  We wanted to let you know that this webpage is based off Angie's List articles about asking your carpet cleaners questions.